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Server details of

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Server details:
 Service Online since:  December 2015
 System:  Linux 4.9.0-8-amd64, Inn-2.6.1
 Hostname IN/OUT:
 Add. hostnames:
 Port:  119
 SSL- / TLS-Port:  563
 IPv4 address:
 IPv4 Reverse DNS:
 IPv6 address:  2001:4ba0:ffff:174::5:1991:4350
 IPv6 Reverse DNS:
Server configuration:
 SPAM-Filter:  Cleanfeed, NoCeM
 Max. article size:  500 KB
 Cancel-Lock:  enabled
 Hold time:  1460 days
 Spool:  unlimited
 Peers:  25
 Newsgroups:  Groups 63434
 Articles: 67520067
 inpath2dot map:  view image ranking:  daily submit  Last month: 88
 current:   84
Server contact:
Network / Uplink:
 Location:   Dusseldorf, Germany
 Location provider:  myLoc managed IT AG
 Uplink AS:  AS 24961
 DE-CIX Dusseldorf
 Server uplink status:
   Interface enp1s0f0
  1000 Mbit
 Duplex-Mode: Full
 Server uplink status:
   Interface enp1s0f1
  0 Mbit
 Duplex-Mode: Unknown!
System status:
System status:
 CPU:  AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 3365
 CPU Cores:   8 x 2300 MHz
23.10% CPU Load @ 1663 MHz
 Total: 23.53 GB / Used: 1.04 GB
5.14% RAM Used
 Harddisk:  2 x 4,0 TB SATA (RAID1)
 Total: 3.16 TB / Used: 420.01 GB
11.48% Disk Used